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Foundation Waterproofing


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Basement Moisture And Waterproofing Troubleshooting Guide


Do It Yourself Basement Waterproofing


Turning That Musty Basement Into Living Space


Waterproofing Vs Damp-Proofing


Choosing The Right Waterproofing Contractor


How To Fix A Leaky Basement


Keeping Your House Dry And Mold-Free


Waterproofing The Green Way




Aquaseal manufactures high quality, environmentally friendly waterproofing products for the exterior and interior foundation that are easy to apply and save the contractor or homeowner time and money.


Wether you are building or renovating, Aquaseal has cost effective products that cure to form a flexible rubber membrane that will provide long lasting protection. These products don't require priming, heating, special equipment or certified applicators, and because they are non toxic and non flammable, they are considered "green" which means they are safe for both the applicator and the environment.


"Eco-Flex is the best thing to happen to ICF waterproofing that I have found in years. I now have 4 teams doing nothing but applying Eco-Flex on ICF and poured concrete foundations. 100 times better than Peel n stick".

-Tony Douglas


Eco-Flex Rubber waterproofing membrane - water-based product for all types of construction



"New"Gray-Coat All Season Formula - water-based waterproofing for year round application





If your home as a problem with a leaky basement, Aquaseal has a do-it-yourself solution that will save you money and will make your basement dry. PERMANENTLY!!


AQUA-STOP Basement Waterproofing products




All Aquaseal waterproofing products
carry a 30 Year Warranty on product failure






"As a homeowner and a do-it-yourselfer, I was hesitant about applying the waterproofing myself because I had never done it before. Eco-Flex was so easy to apply and to clean up I felt like a professional. The support the staff gave was great. Everyone was very helpful and knowledgeable about the products and the application. Shipping was quick and effective. I would certainly encourage homeowners who are building their own homes to give Eco Flex a try. There is no need to pay someone to install high priced waterproofing, when you can do it yourself with Eco Flex."

- Ron Forlano, Homeowner




"At Aquaseal, we've got you covered"


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