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Wet basement solutions

Do you have a wet, damp or musty smelling basement?

Are you looking for a way to stop the problem
without spending a fortune?

Our Aqua-Stop line of products will make your basement dry PERMANENTLY!


Waterproof basementThis is not the sort of picture you want to see when going down into the basement. But for a lot of homeowners a wet basement is what they are faced with every time it rains.


A damp or leaking basement means you can't use this valuable space even for storage. It can cause mold and mildew to grow and spread throughout your home, and it can make selling your home almost impossible as no one wants to buy a house with a wet basement.


If you are looking for a cost effective way to fix this problem yourself, without having to dig up your basement, then Aquaseal  Aqua-Stop or Aqua-Block BB are the products you need. They will make your basement dry and comfortable again, remove that damp smell, and restore your homes value.


Benefits of using Aquaseal basement waterproofing products:


Easy to use just add water and apply to walls or floor with brush inside each pail

Very economical and safe for the homeowner to apply

Environmentally friendly with no odor, fumes or harmful ingredients

Can be applied to damp or wet surfaces with a brush or sprayer

Permanent solution that will last the lifetime of the structure, no need to reapply

Can be used on interior and exterior surfaces that are free of paint or other coatings

Uses European technology Commercial grade products originally developed for waterproofing tunnels and underground structures

Highly resistant to positive and negative hydrostatic pressure will not peel or flake off the wall or floor

Once product has dried the basement can then be finished with paint, tiles, carpeting, etc.



Aqua-Stop finally did the trick. After many years of trying to solve the moisture problem in my basement, I finally found a great product that worked like a charm. My worst problem was after any sort of rainfall I had excessive water seepage up through the floor and from the walls. I applied Aqua-Stop and waited for a huge rainfall and the next day my basement was bone dry. The musty smell had disappeared and there were no more wet spots on the walls. Aqua-Stop completely sealed my basement and now I can have the confidence to finish my basement to add to our living space. Aqua-Stop was easy to apply, extremely economical and I would highly recommend this to anyone trying to solve a leaky basement problem.

- John Talucci, Home Owner



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